Economy Fuel Cells

by JAZ Staff Site Admin

Our economy fuel cell line is manufactured with the same high quality cross-linked polyethylene as our standard fuel cell line. The economy line is a budget-friendly option for the budget-minded racer.

JAZ economy Circle Track cells feature an AN-8 fuel pickup fitting with hose routed to right rear corner, which includes a value-added bat-wing fitting to prevent curling or moving. Also included is an AN-8 Tip Over Valve vent fitting, which is a great feature for added safety.

Our economy Drag Race line comes with two AN-8 outlet fittings in the sump and an AN-6 vent fitting on top.

Both fuel cell lines feature 360-degree mounting strap recesses, come in a nice assortment of shapes & sizes, and are complete & ready to install. These cells are top quality without the huge price tag.


*Safety foam kits are available for all economy fuel cell models