Did You Know?

by JAZ Staff Site Admin

JAZ Products can custom-build any of our line of polyethylene and poly in metal container fuel cells.

Yes, that's right!

If you are needing different sizes of AN fittings than what comes standard on our fuel cells, we can build them to your needs.

If you want additional AN fittings than what the off-the-shelf model fuel cell offers, we can do this as well.

If your application requires different placement of AN fittings or filler neck/cap, we can make this fuel cell according to your specifications.

If you don't see a fuel cell that meets your dimensional requirements, our polyethylene flat bottom Circle Track fuel cells can be stood up on their side or on end. This would be for applications with plenty of room heightwise, however, limited space for length and/or width areas. The AN fittings and filler neck/cap can be installed onto the "top" surface once the fuel cell has been turned onto its side or up on end.

Note: There would be a 3/8" mold hole in the center of where the filler neck/cap would normally go. This hole can be used for a fuel pickup or return fitting, or we can provide a special flush bolt to plug this hole.

Note: We cannot build custom-sized fuel cells, and can only modify components/orientation on current available models.