JAZ Products maintains its own factory, equipment and molds, producing the highest quality fuel cells, rotationally molded in seamless cross-linked polyethylene. JAZ Products only uses aviation safety foam in all their fuel cells. This foam is far superior and has a 10 times longer service life than that of other non fuel approved foams on the market. All JAZ fuel cells exceed SFI SPEC 28.1 and are accepted by most sanctioning organizations.

Although all JAZ Products fuel cells exceed SFI SPEC 28.1, only fuel cells labeled "THIS FUEL CELL CARRIES SFI CERTIFICATION" are actually certified. Only the fuel cells that are specifically designed for classes that require SFI certification receive a serial number and SFI label. If the fuel cell you require does not come standard with certification, JAZ Products can SFI certify any cell in this website for a nominal fee. If you have any questions regarding SFI certification, or which fuel cell will fit your needs best, call our technical pros, and they can help you make the right decision regarding your application.



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